Thursday, June 12, 2014

New Price list as of 13th June 2014

Dear Customers,

Below is our adjusted price list as of 13th June 2014.

Price does not include shipping fee to your destination yet.

Below are the price list and information of some of our product that we carry at the moment.

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1 Box of Zoloft [Sertraline 50mg, 60 Tabs, FDA approved, Pfizer Inc.]  $115

Sex Aid:
20 Tabs of Sidegra 100 [Sildenafil 100mg, Manufactured by Thai FDA] $70
20 Tablets of Viagra (Sildenafil Citrate 100mg) - Brooklyn, NY, USA     $70
20 Tablets of Cialis [Tadalafil 20mg, Original Import London, UK]        $90
20 Tablets of Levitra (Vardenafil HCl 20mg) - Bayer AG                     $120
Kamagra Jelly [Sildenafil 100mg, Ajanta Pharma Limited]                  $1.8 per sachet
Min Order: 50 Sachets

Finasteride (Hairloss, Anabolic):
Propecia (Finasteride 1mg, 30 Tablets, Merc Sharp and Dohme (MSD)  $55
Firide 1mg (Finasteride 1mg, 30 Tablets, Siam Phaesaj Co., LTD.)        $30
Firide 5mg (Finasteride 5mg, 30 Tablets, Siam Phaesaj Co., LTD.)        $45
Harifin 5mg (Finasteride 5mg, 30 Tablets, T.O. Pharma)                       $30
Proscar Generic (5mg, 30 TabsThailand, FDA Qualified)                        $30

Humulin-N [Insulin U-1000/10 ml vial, Eli Lilly Co., FDA Approved]     $40
Min. order:  5 Boxes

Kidney Aid (All products are FDA approved):
Legalon 140 [Silymarin 140mg, 40 Caps, MADAUS, Germany]            $32
Min. Order: 3 Boxes
Essentiale [Essential Phospholipids + Vitamins, AVENTIS, 100 Caps]      $35

Weight Lost:
Sibulean [Sibutramine 20mg, 30 Capsules, Meditech Pharma]              $50
Xenical [Orlistat 120mg, 84 Caps, Roche, FDA Certified Import]          $120
Reduce 15 (Sibutramine 15mg, 100 Capsules, Ordain Healthcare)            $100
Reductil (Sibutramine 15mg, Generic, 100 Capsules)                          $100

Acnotin 10 (Isotretinoin 10mg, 30 Tablets, Mega-Lifesciences, Australia)      $50
Acnotin 20 (Isotretinoin 20mg, 30 Tablets, Mega-Lifesciences, Australia)      $80
Roaccutane 10 (Isotretinoin 10mg, 30 Tablets, Roche, Original)                   $68
Roaccutane 20 (Isotretinoin 20mg, 30 Tablets, Roche, Original)                   $95
6 Tubes of Retin-A 0.05% (Tretinoin 0.05%, 10g, JANSSEN-CILAG LTD.)      $32
6 Tubes of Retin-A 0.05% (Tretinoin 0.05%, 20g, JANSSEN-CILAG LTD.)      $58

Halotestin [Fluoxymesterone 10mg, 30 Caps, Meditech, Germany]             $110

Femara [Letrozole 2.5mg, 30 Tabs, Meditech, Germany]                          $95

Anastrol M1 [Anastrazole 1mg, 50 Tablets, Munster Lab, Switzerland]       $120
Arimidex [Anastrazole 1mg, 30 Tablets, Meditech, Germany]                    $160

Anabol (Methandienone 5mg, Pink Tabls, 1000 Tabs, British Dispensary)   $120
Anabol 10 (Methandienone 10mg, Yellow Tabs, 500 Tabs, British Dispensary) $115
Danabol DS (Anabol Generic, 500 Tablets of Methandienone 10mg)               $90
Methan 5 [Methandienone 5mg, 500 Tabs, GB Standard Co.]                       $65
Methan 20 [Methandienone 20mg, 100 Tabs, GB Standard Co.]                    $45

Bonavar [Oxandrolone 2.5mg, 50 Tablets, Body Research]                            $45
Anavar [Oxandrolone 10mg, 50 Tablets, Meditech Pharma, Germany]            $85
Oxan M10 [Oxandrolone 10mg, 50 Tablets, Munster Labolatory, Switzerland]  $85
Anavar 2.5 [Oxandrolone 2.5mg, 50 Tablets, GB Standard Co.]                      $45
Anavar 10 [Oxandrolone 10mg, 50 Tablets, GB Standard Co.]                      $85

Boldenone Undecylenate:
Bolden M250 [Boldenone Unde. 2500mg, 10ml, Munster Lab, Switzerland]       $100
Equipose [Boldenone Undecylenate 2500mg, 10ml, Meditech Human Pharma]   $100
Veboldex [Bolenone Undecylenate 2500mg, 10ml, Thaiger Pharma]                 $120

Oxy M50 [Oxandrolone 50mg, 100 Tablets, Munster Lab]                             $90
Androlic [Oxymetholone 50mg, 100 Tabs, British Dispensary]                       $110
Anadrol [Generic, Oxymetholone 50mg, 100 Tabs]                                      $110

Clenbuterol [Clenbuterol HCl 40mcg, 100 Tablets, Meditech]                         $65
Clen M40 [Clenbuterol HCl 40mcg, 100 Tablets, Munster Lab, Switzerland]     $65
Clenbuterlene [Clenbuterol 20mcg, 200 Tablets, Munster Lab, Switzerland]    $65
Clenbu [Clenbuterol HCl 20mcg, 200 Tablets, GB Standard Co.]                     $65
Clenbu (Clenbuterol 40mcg, GB Standard) 100 Tablets                                  $65
Clenbuterol (Clenbuterol 20mcg, 200 Tablets, LA Pharma)                             $65

T3/T4 Thyroxine:
T3 Cytomel [100mcg, 100 Tablets, GB Standard Co.] 100 Tablets                      $40
T3 [Liothyronine Sodium 100mcg, 100 Tablets, Munster Lab]                            $40
T3 Cytomel (100mcg, 100 Tablets, LA Pharma) 100 Tablets                               $40
Cytomel (25mcg, Meditech Human Pharma Ingold Heim, Germany) 100 Tablets   $40
Thyromix M20/60 [T4 20mcg, T3 60mcg, 100 Tablets, Munster Lab]                    $40

Provironum [Mesterolone 25mg, 100 Tabs, Bayer-Schering]                           $65
Primo M25 [Methenolone Acetate 25mg, 50 Tablets] Munster Laboratories    $110

Methenolone Injection:
Primobolan Depot [Methenolone Enanthate 100mg, 1 Amp, Bayer-Schering]   $20
Minimum Order: 3 Boxes
Primo M100 [Methenolone Enanthate 100mg/ml] Munster Laboratories          $135
Primobolan Depot [Methenolone 1000mg/10ml, Meditech Human Pharma]      $145

Stanozolol Tablets:
Stano M10 [Stanozolol 10mg, 100 Tablets, Munster Lab]                      $55
Azolol (Stanozolol 5mg, 400 Tablets, British Dispensary)                        $90
Stanol 5mg [Stanozolol 5mg, 200 Tablets, March Pharma]                    $55
Stanolene [Stanozolol 10mg, 200 Tablets, Munster Lab, Switzerland]     $90
Stanozolol 5mg (5 mg, 200 Tablets L.A. Pharma)                                 $55
Stanozolol 10mg (10 mg, 100 Tablets L.A. Pharma)                             $55
Stano-10 [Stanozolol 10mg, 100 Tablets, Meditech Pharma]                 $58

Stanozolol Injection:
Winstrol Depot Injection (3 Ampules,Stanozolol 50mg, DESMA, Import)   $40
Stanozolol 50mg [Stanozolol 50mg, 10 Vial, LA Pharma]                        $90
Stanon [Stanozolol 50mg, 10 Ampules, GB Standard Co.]                       $70
Stanon [Stanozolol 50mg, 10ml Vial, GB Standard Co.]                          $65
Winstrol [Stanozolol 1000mg, 10ml vial, Meditech Human Pharma]         $80
Stano M50 [Stano. 50mg/ml, 10ml, Munster Lab]                                   $65

Clomiphene Citrate:
Ovinum [Clomiphene Citrate 50mg, 30 Tabs, BioPharm, FDA Approved]    $45
Clomephene [Clomephene Citrate 50mg, 30 Tabs, Y.S.K. FDA Approved]  $45
Clomid [Clomiphene 50mg, 30 Tablets, Meditech Human Pharma]           $55

Testosterone Undeconoate:
Andriol (Organon, 60 Caps per Box, 40mg each, The Netherlands)           $60
Testos (NanoMed, 30 Capsules per Box, 40mg, Generic)                          $20

Testosterone Propionate Injection:
Testolic [Testosterone Propionate 100mg, 10 amps, Meredian]              $45
T-Prop [Testosterone Propionate 1000mg/10ml, Meditech Human Pharma] $50

Testosterone Cypionate Injection:
Cypionax [Testosterone Cypionate 200mg, 10 amps, Meredian]                   $60
Cypionex [Testosterone Cypionate 2500mg/10ml, Meditech Human Pharma] $75

Testosterone Enanthate Injection:
Testo Depot (Testoterone Enanthate 2500mg, 10ml, Meditech Lab)           $85
Testosterone Enanthate 250mg [Rotexmedica, 20amps per Box, Germany] $150
Testoviron Depot [Testosterone Enanthate, Schering 20amps, Germany]   $175
Enan M300 [Test. E. 300mg/ml, 10ml, Munster Lab]                           $85
Testosterone [Test. E. 300mg/ml, 10ml, GB Standard Co.]                  $85

Testosterone Compound:
Sustanon 250 Injection (1ml, 9 ampoules, Organon by Karachi Pakistan)  $70
Sustanon 250 (Testosterone Comp. 2500mg, 10ml, Meditech Human Pharma) $85
SU-250 [Testosterone Compound 2500mg, 10ml, Thaiger Pharma]              $85
Sust. M250 [Test. Comp. 250mg/ml, 10ml, Munster Lab]                             $85

Nandrolone Decanoate Injection:
Nandrolone GB [Nandro. Deca. 250mg/ml, 10ml, GB Standard Co.,]                $85
Deca-Durabolin 100mg (1ml, 9 ampoules, Organon by Karachi Pakistan)      $70
Dexxa 250 (Nandrolone Decanoate 2500mg/10ml, Thaigher Pharma Thailand)   $85
Deca Durabolin [Nandrolone 2500mg/10ml, Meditech Pharma, Germany]         $100
Deca M250 [Nandro. Deca. 250mg/ml, 10ml, Munster Laboratory]                   $85

Drostanolone Propionate:
Mast M100 [Drosta. Prop. 100mg/ml, 10ml, Munster Lab]                   $110
Masterone [Drostranolone Propionate 1000mg/10ml, Meditech, Germany]      $115

Drostanolone Enanthate:
Mast-Depot [Drostranolone Enanthate 2000mg/10ml, Meditech, Germany]        $180

Trenbolone Acetate:
Finexal 100 [Trenbolone Acetate 1000mg/10ml , HG, Thaiger Pharma]     $130
Tren-100 [Trenbolone Acetate 1000mg, 10ml, Meditech Human Pharma]   $130

Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzyl:
Tren H100 [Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 1000mg/10ml] Munster   $130
Parabolan [Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 1500mg/10ml] Meditech   $190

Trenbolone Enanthate:
Finarex 200 [Trenbolone Enanthate 2000mg/10ml, HG, Thaiger Pharma]     $140
Tren-Depot 200 [Trenbolone Enanthate 2000mg/10ml, HG, Meditech]          $150

Nolvadex-D 20mg [Anti-estrogen, Original made in UK 30 Tabs, AstraZeneca] $45

rIGF-1 Long R3
iGtropin [rIGF-1 Long R3, 100mcg/vial, 10 vials, Meditech, Germany]      $560

Eporex 3000 [Erythropoietin 30,000 I.U./ 10 vials, EPO, Meditech, Germany]  $500

Pregnyl 5000 I.U. 10 Amps , original imported                                          $320
HCG-M  5000 [hCG 5000 I.U./Vial, 10 Vial, Munster Lab, Switzerland]         $320

Human Growth Hormone
Somatrope [191AA Human Growth Hormone 10 IU, 10 vial, Meditech, Germany]  $570 
M Tropin [Recombinant Human Growth Hormone 10 IU/vial x 10 vial, MunsterLab] $570
M Tropin [Per vial costs $68 if not purchased full kit]