Thursday, August 13, 2015

Jeff Gross - Reverse Scam Attempt

Dear Customers,

Below is a post we posted in some of the forums we sponsor.

We have a customer from the Irvine, CA, USA ordering a bottle of Androlic from us sent by UPS last week. He agreed to have us repack the product to prevent custom problem, so we did.

Just yesterday, customer received the parcel and claimed that it's fake:



I received my package today but have a problem.  The product you shipped is fake. (I am attaching pictures). I bought the same product from another source which came in the sealed bottle.   The product on the left came in the bottle while your product came loose.  Even though you said you were going to ship them loosely, I assumed that they would still be legitimate product.

I really want to be a long term customer and will consider this matter fixed if you send me a new bottle that is sealed.
Your cooperation would be very much appreciated.


Androlic are definitely legit, as we've never seen a single fake Androlic in Thailand over a period of 7 years, as real Androlic are too easy to find, so we denied his claim that the received Androlic is fake.
We explained that we directly deal with British Dispensary so there is no way Androlic can be fake and requested him to send us pictures of he suspect that it is fake.

We further explained that if he have concern regarding our product he could request to have it sent in original, unsealed packing. We did tell him that we will not tolerate reverse scam.

Jeff Gross gave 2 more replies:


To who it may concern,

My hope is to be a long term client, however, there is clear indication that the product you sent is not legitimate.  Like yourself, I am more than willing to post on the Boards how your product most clearly matches the "fake" while not matching legitimate product.  

You can make any excuses you want, however, the truth can clearly be seen and is thoroughly documented throughout the web on what legitmate androlic is like...and the characteristics of fake androlic. i.e, not as dark & chalky, imprint not clearly defined, etc.  The differences between what you provided and the legitimate product are clear.

I am more than happy to ship this back to you if you are willing to ship me legitimate product.  If not, that is fine.  I learned my lesson and will just make sure to post my experience with your company on the Boards.  That message can be how professional and excellent your products are...or that they are not.

Please let me know your decision.

Thank you


And, threatened to take things off to forum but still refused to take clear pictures of what he received:

This is ridiculous.  If you can send me legitimate product then I will send back the counterfeit/fake product that you sent.  That is not a reverse scam.  Here is a copy of just one of the threads that defines how to tell the difference and that your comapny may be sending people fake androlic.  I have a choice now to go on the threads and say how you shipped me exactly what is listed as FAKE ...or I can say how FABULOUS and how AMAZING your products are.  Shipping through UPS was great but 
anyone who has taken androlic before can clearly tell the difference.  As I look on your video now, I can also see that what came out of the bottle is not the legitimate product.  You can easily tell because the color and 
imprint are not correct.

If you can send me something that you know if legitimate, then we can move forward positively.  That is my hope.  If not, then I will say exactly what I received from you matches the FAKE product listed on many 

Please send me legitimate product of the correct color, imprint and quality.

Fake Androlic? - Forums › ... › PICTURES OF STEROIDS

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So I started digging around online and found a side by side of real vs fake androlic. I don't think I am allowed to post this pic from another ...
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Oct 16, 2005
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Oct 27, 2002
More results from

Search Results reviews. Is scam


During the replies, I withdrew a bottle of Androlic, opened from the seal to check the tabs, it's clearly as this picture and matches his "real" pic of Androlic that he searched online, we found no problem, but he insist that our Androlic is fake but couldnt provide any evidence.

Jeff Gross lectured us on what a real Androlic is.


Dear Sir,

I am attaching pictures that I just took as well as info/pic digram on how to tell fakes.  My pics are the oes of the 3 tablets.  As you can see, the ones you sent me do not have the imprint detail that Legitimate/REAL androlic should have plus they are the wrong texture etc.

Here are more examples of how to tell the difference.  As you can see, the ones you sent me do not have the detail and characteristics of LEGITMATE product.  I am going to go ahead and copy/past your continued refusal and my responses on the Boards and just let others make their own decision on how ORIENTALPHARMA is a SCAM.

  And here is my pic showing the FAKES that you sent me.  TOTALLY FAKE.

Do you have an explanation for why your pills do not have clear imprint, are not the right color green and are the wrong color & texture?

If I knew you were sending quality product then I would be spending thousands.  Please correct this and I can be a great customer. :)


Ever since 2008, we have experience with problems. Customers tends to worry about their product, and inquire through us. Our job is to provide support and to ensure that our product is genuine. 100 over 100, customers who have problem WILL take pictures, and we mean, many many pictures from all angles and are more than cooperative enough to assist us to clear their frustration. Jeff Gross is different. No concrete evidence, continual refusal to take "clear pictures" of his product, and I now think that the 3 tablets of Androlic he claimed he gotten from us maybe ripped off from another website.

It's frustrating to find buyers like this but we're glad 99% of our clients are honest people.

Spreading out the word to all sponsors here.
We'd be posting his full address if requested.


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